Presentation Topics

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What is Best for Your Audience?

There are countless options for the content and type of speech Susan can present. She can show and narrate a short 12 minute movie of her trip to space. This includes all the fun of working, living, and playing in zero gravity in addition to the excitement of launch and reentry. She can give a geography lesson of photographs taken from space. She can simply give a speech without slides and movies, while still dazzling your audience with her personal experiences and insight. She is inspiring as a commencement speaker for high schools and universities.
Dare to Dream
This presentation can be given to audiences of all age groups who are interested in what it is like to fly aboard the space shuttle. For elementary school groups an emphasis is placed on the importance of math and science and teamwork. For middle school groups an emphasis is placed on overcoming personal struggles and living your own life. To high school groups an emphasis is placed on what to do to succeed in living a dream.
Having it All
This presentation is especially inspirational to women's groups. Susan stresses that it is possible to have it all, but not necessarily all at once. She delves into the struggles of being a woman in a "man's" world and how to cope with the added stress of working and raising a family.
Geography from a New Prospective
This lesson in geography will knock the socks of your students. They will tour the world and see places from an exciting new propective. The presentation includes all continents and many different types of landforms. The lesson can be tailored for any student age group ready to learn about geography.